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Yes, We have many customers ask this and are now running Nord amps with great success. The amps deliver a maximum 28A of current for each channel so will drive pretty much anything. They work exceptionally well with Electrostatic speakers.

NC500, NCx500, NC1200, Purifi class D amps can all be connected at high level to a Sub Woofer in the normal way. Ice Power can not. 

Yes we ship Worlwide using UPS, FedEX DPD. Cost varries on weight and country. Add items to basket change country and add ZIP Postcode and site will give you cost. 

We can diagnose and send replacement modules its fast and efficient, If you prefer you can ship back to us in UK.

Every Power Amp has an input buffer, most are fixed. The Nord NC500 and Purifi range has a separate buffer that plugs into the Amp Module so that OEM's like us can improve and tailor the sound of our Amps. 

Its job is to take the very small signal from your source and match impedance and increase the level being fed into the Amp module. This is best place to change and improve the sound quality.

The Nord REV D buffer uses discrete op amps and Voltage regulators. It adds tonal density and gives the amp a richer more Class A sound. Dynamics are also improved partly due to the onboard Voltage regulators.

Yes they are relatively easy to swap with care. Just need to get pin one the correct way and all the pins lined up. They are pretty delicate especially the Sonic Imagery 994 so you just have to be careful. We recommend a skilled technician carry this out (H&S requirements) Sound differences click here.

We manufacture everything in house here in the UK with module sourced from Hypex Purifi etc. in EU and Op amps from the USA.

The SE version is only a upgrade to our Japanese SE case, which has better finish and fit with better looks. Also comes with switchable front LED ON OFF DIM

It works with a pre amp that has a 12V trigger output and will automatically turn the Nord power amp on when the pre amp is turned on. When the pre amp is not in use the amp is completly off not even the trigger is using any power.

You can pay by Credit Card PayPal or TT to our Bank.

Our lead time is within 2 weeks. We achieve this 97% of the time only in exceptional circumstances when our suppliers let us down do we miss. We don't over promise.

Yes, the case acts as a heat sink unlike class A A/B amps which have large heat sinks that expel heat out of the case from the side or slots above the heatsink.The modules are mechanically and thermally connected to the case. They can reach temperatures of 42 degrees on a 25 degree hot day. The base plates run at about 60 degrees well under the max of 90 degrees.

Yes, customers have reported improvements with running time. The biggest improvement comes after about 10-20 hours. They should sound great out or the box. There is a small warm up period about half an hour.

Yes, the Nord input buffer board has been designed to plug & play directly into the standard amp. The whole process should take about 15-20 minutes and is pretty easy for any customer to DIY it themselfs

Personal preference and how it fits in your configuration. There is no sonic advantage to the Mono Blocks the stereo has the exact same components as the stereo, they just have two cases etc and take longer to build.

Not really, we have a few but we mainly sell direct. This way your save 60-80% on dealer and distributor margins.

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