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Nord Acoustics, based in Cheltenham UK, design and hand-build world-class Amplifiers. Based on Hypex NC500, Hypex NCx500, Hypex NC1200 Hypex NC122MP, Hypex NC252MP, Hypex NC502MP, Purifi 1ET400A, Purifi 1ET7040SA, IcePower 1200SA all Class D. In a huge range of  Stereo and Multichannel Amplifiers. Customers can order and directly without 50% dealer margins offing you great performance and value. Our Amplifiers are changing Audiophiles’ perceptions regarding Class D Amplifiers. 

We are a small team of passionate HiFi enthusiasts, carrying out all amplifier build functions in house, from CAD/CAM CNC design, to manufacturing and testing.  Being small enables us to quickly bring product to market and offer reasonably quick build times.  We honor build times with a 97% success rate. 

Our reputation for excellent amplifiers and friendly intelligent support has helped Nord become one of the best “boutique” amplifier manufacturers in the world. While we may not be the cheapest, we hope you will appreciate our quality, and aesthetics to go along with our emphasis on respectful customer support. 

If this all sounds a bit personal, it is, as it’s from the heart and in our DNA. We have designed the new website to make you feel confident and comfortable, while answering the common questions anxieties posed to us over the last 7 years.  

Take a look at our customer feedback and Google reviews. You will be hard pressed to find anything less than flattering. 

Sincerely Colin” 


Our three Parallel lines have a real meaning, Nord products feature our three parallel lines on the fascia for our flagship range, always equal, representing the parity between performance, sound, and our consistently great reviews and customer feedback

We source the very best Modules and components from around the world. Modules come from the market leaders Hypex, Purifi and ICE Power. But we use only the very best of their products. We then integrate them with custom Nord boards and electronics to deliver some of the very best sounding Amplifiers available at any price. 

Operating with ultra low noise floor and exquisite bass control, revealing palpable breaths, finger plucks and decaying notes delivered by the mids and treble. Levels and layers of detail, dynamics and sound stage are breathtaking, with the ability and current reserves (28A) to drive the most demanding speakers down to 2 ohms. All delivered with no hardness or harshness.

“V for Value and V for Victory I’m one happy customer” – 6 Moons

We manufacture everything in house, from PCB’s to CNC’ing cases, ensuring accurate timely delivery and control over quality. 

Many of our sales are coming from customers “downgrading?” from large traditional Class A and A/B powerhouses from McIntosh, Copland, Accuphase not to mention modern players like Devialet and the NAD Masters M22 etc. with very positive feedback. In other words seasoned wealthy Audiophiles who have been playing the game for 30 odd years! And I can assure you they are nobody’s fool!

We then back all this up with a level of honesty and ethics that guarantees our  customers:

A) We deliver on our promises delivering on time a quality product. times Revive amps on time.

B) Treat customers honestly and quickly especially if you have a problem.

C) Built and finished to high standards Designed  and tested to ensure perfect operation and ultimate performance with reliability.

Our customers want a cooler running amp for the summer only to find an unexpected level of performance and naturalness compared to their Class A amps Not to mention cheaper running costs. We Now have a Chassis to Match the World Class Sound in the SE Version.

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