Nord Value-Line MP NC122 Stereo Power Amplifier

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Nord Value-Line MP NC122 Stereo Power Amplifier

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  1. Our new Value-Line range of lower priced amplifiers. Built to compete with the budget box shifters offering a no frill amplifier with the same sonic performance of our standard range using the same modules. Incorporating lower priced cases and white LED front switch with lasered front panel lower priced binding posts and RCA connectors. No aluminum feet and front badge.

MP, our entry level stereo range, now we say “entry level” but to get similar performance from traditional dealers big brands you would be looking at £2K-£3K amplifiers they really are that good. Housed in our 2 mono block cases they make a compact and powerful power amplifier with quality dynamics soundstage and musicality that belies their size.

The Nord One MP  NCXXXMP range is based on the Hypex MP series of modules. MP stands for “Mains Powered”. The modules are  self contained, has onboard power supply, amp module and input and out put buffers. We have 3 main modules of different power. The NC122MP 75W 8 Ohms    NC252MP 150W 8 Ohms    NC502MP 350W 8 Ohms

Our Standard case is sourced from Italy and offers a consistent look across the range. We use quality RCA and XLR input sockets from Switchcraft in the USA and soldered directly onto buffer board no long input wire. Standard binding posts are 5 way including banana from CHK you will find these gracing the back of the £40K Ultima amplifiers.  The front main switch is finished in brushed stainless steel with an even blue halo LED. Our Nord badge is Aluminum and both this and the switch are neatly rebated. Which sits in our signature 3 parallel lines milled into the front of the case.  And they sit on solid brushed and polished lacquered isolation feet. Combined they produce a simple yet aesthetically pleasing look.

Moving inside the amplifier we build with a combination of quality and experience of laying out amplifiers in order to achieve ultimate performance. We balance this with ease of build in order to maintain lower prices without compromising quality. Vulnerable wire connections are double shrink sleeved to ensure long term reliability. We have recently moved to combine inputs directly to the buffer board eliminating long input signal paths.  Buffer boards are soldered using WBT silver solder. All resistors are either 1% or 0.1% tolerance where needed in the audio feedback path. Signal capacitors are ultra quite Wima Polypropylene while power caps are long life Panasonic FR range. Binding posts are connected to buffer board with as short a length of OFC Silver plated Teflon dielectric 14AWG wire. Neotech OCC option. The connections to the binding posts are crimped and soldered to ensure ultimate contact. Our SMPS have virtually zero noise emission’s an example of how this is achieved is attention to detail each power output transistor is individually wrapped in Copper foil shielding. We also pay a great deal of attention to Thermal testing when designing a new amp to ensure they run as cool as possible. Heat is the enemy and will reduce long term reliability.

All our amplifiers perform and offer far better value than any product available from dealers. Even our entry level MP range offer a base line of superb dynamics, amazing soundstage, clarity and sheer addictive musicality. Gone are any hints of the older Class D harsh and thin sound. They sound like the top notch Class A A/B amplifiers. Each amp is built by one individual who is responsible for its internal build quality.

There is no 40% dealer margin, no 40% distribution margin, no advertising or representatives supporting dealers to pay for. You buy direct from the us, the manufacture. We are free to source modules and parts from the very best (suppliers) in the world. Because of our low margins and overheads we can manufacture our amplifiers with the highest quality, expensive and  most reliable products available while keeping the cost low. It’s a winning formula and those that seek and take a leap of faith are truly rewarded with amazing sonic ability. We are passionate about our products and the way we look after you, in the highly unusual event of something going wrong. We loath the term (so called) Customer Service, we have all experienced that! What you get is to be treated as I would wish and expect to be – with directness and fairness, and I promise not to ask “Is their anything else I can help you with today”.


Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm

SPECIFICATION (per channel)


(Per Channel)


• Standard Stereo Case (optional SE case)

• Hypex NCore NC122MP twin channel Module

• RCA or XLR Input

• Auto sensing 100-240V mains input operation

• 0.12W standby operation

• 350W Main PSU

• 47K Ohms Input Impedance, low output impedance

• THD 0.0015%

• S/N Ratio 118dB

• 26dB Voltage Gain Input Sensitivity 2.3Vrms

• 2 x 75Wrms 8 Ohms

•  2 x 125Wrms 4 Ohms

• 2 x 115Wrms 2 Ohms

• Fully loaded flat frequency response

• 92% efficient

• Case mm W 240 D 280 H 102

• Weight 5Kg


  • 3 Way Binding posts Banana Wire Spade
  • Copper 14AWG binding post wire
  • Rubber Feet
  • RCA Input
  • White LED Front switch


  • 12V Trigger


Automatically turn on amplifier when your 12V trigger equipped Preamp is turned on.

5 year warranty full parts and labour (Return delivery extra after 1 year)

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