Nord DSP-DAC NC252MP Amplifier

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Nord DSP-DAC NC252MP Amplifier

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Our new range of DSP-DAC amplifiers offer a truly excellent and versatile solution at an affordable price.

They perform the duties of DAC, preamplifier and multiple power amplifiers of the highest audio quality with simplicity of operation and cost that belies a powerful technical prowess.
The DSP engine allows parametric equalisation, room tuning compensation filters, active crossover filters and up to 19.2ms of delay per channel with microphone FFT measurement and graphical interface via a laptop/pc.
Inputs are
Analogue XLR balanced
Analogue RCA unbalanced
Digital AES/EBU balanced
Digital S/PDIF unbalanced
(All inputs are selectable without any change in set up
Remote control and a big, clear display makes operation a breeze.
The first model introduced is the DSP-DAC NC252MP master and slave ‘bi-amp mono blocks’ with line pre out channels (e.g. to integrate subwoofers or add amplifiers for a stereo three way active crossover).
This only requires a pair of conventional speakers and a digital or analogue source for a complete and superb audio set up.
Featuring three dsp channels and two Ncore 250W (rms into 4 ohms) power amplifier channels in each box means you can instantly bi-amp your existing speakers, assuming they have bi-wire terminals. Two Independent (filter and delay adjustable) rca output channels means one or two subwoofers can be properly integrated.
In future you can then bypass internal speaker crossovers for full active operation or experiment with your own speaker design.
Due to the modular nature of the DSP engine, a system can start simple and grow from there, if desired.
Up to three slaves can be used with a master to give a maximum total of 12 channels consisting a combination of left, right or left + right (in groups of three i.e. per box) with individual filter settings and delay.
This is not some simplified or compromised version, these are the actual building blocks for a truly high end system..
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm

SPECIFICATION (per channel)



(Per Channel)


• Standard Stereo Case (optional SE case)

• Hypex NCore NC252MP twin channel Module

• Nord Switchable RCA-XLR input board

• Auto sensing 100-240V mains input operation

• 0.12W standby operation

• 650W Main PSU

• 47K Ohms Input Impedance, low output impedance

• THD 0.0015%

• S/N Ratio 121dB

• 26dB Voltage Gain Input Sensitivity 2.3Vrms

• 2 x 150Wrms 8 Ohms

•  2 x 250Wrms 4 Ohms

• 2 x 180Wrms 2 Ohms

• Fully loaded flat frequency response

• 92% efficient

OFC Copper Silver Plated PTFE Binding Post Hook Up Wire with CHK 60 amp Binding Posts

• Case mm W 240 D 335 H 102  SE Case W 280 D 270 H 100

• Weight 6Kg


  • CHK Binding posts
  • Silver plated 14AWG OFC Teflon dielectric binding post wire
  • Solid Aluminum brushed and lacquered Isolation feet

5 year warranty full parts and labour (Return delivery extra after 1 year)

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