The Standard case is made by Modu in Italy and is used by many Boutique manufactures including our competitors and is very competitavly priced has short lead times. Whilst its good the simple design and finish could be improved. For instance the back panel have no support in the middle and can flex when inserting cables, we have now started to use a nut and bolt in the base panel to support and reduce flex. The finish prior to anodizing is also courser and does not feel as good the SE case.

So the SE case finish is super tight and smooth. They feel totally solid with no flex. We wanted to bring you a case worthy of the critical sonic acclaim our amps are receiving and to match your expectations of moving from a solid £5-8K Class A 25Kg 55lb amp. This case achieves this and wont attract criticism over finish. It also looks stunning in the flesh without being expensive HiFi Bling!

All panels have a super smooth finish no rough edges. Corners have hidden internal joints (yellow outline) with far greater rigidity. The top and bottom of the heat sinks are covered by the panels with smooth cut outs for the warm air to escape resulting in no rough edge of the heat sink are exposed   The rear panel is rigid with no flex when you plug cables in and out with oily smoothness which result in a nicer feel due to the horizontal casework in red, they feel solid. No ringing top panels!

The normal case is good but these take our amps to another level. It would be a shame to have all this sonic capability in a what is a price point case no matter how good.

In short they are worth every penny to those that want something nice to feel, look at, own and feel proud of with out going over the top to a hewn out of solid Aerospace billet of Aluminium case costing over £1000 alone.

We will add some further panel finish shots shortly as well as professional images to portrait the extra quality.

We love them, hope you do also.

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