In 2004, we introduced our ICCx Class D chipset. The chipset was a cutting-edge solution in terms of audio quality, reliability and functionality. ICCx has been implemented in millions of amplifiers designed and manufactured by both ICEpower and partnering audio manufacturers. Today, the chipset is still being integrated in thousands of ICEpower amplifiers and other audio applications bringing grand audio experiences to music enthusiasts all over the world.

Technologies evolve fast and so does ICEpower. Since the launch of ICCx, ICEpower’s knowledge and expertise within Class D amplification have grown substantially. The ICEpower heritage now consists of numerous full-featured amplifier series ranging from 25-1200W and several chipset solutions for both consumer, professional, automotive and mobile audio applications. Now, we have converted these 15 years of experience into a next generation Class D chipset, the successor of ICCx. Allow us to introduce ICEedge – Class D like never before.

We add our unique touch by designing additional performance parts using high end discrete Op Amps and Voltage regulators. We use high end connection material from Europe and the USA. Switchcraft XLR sockets, CHK binding posts and Swiss Schurter switches.

When initiating the development of ICEedge, we decided to develop the best Class D chipset in the market and promised to make zero compromises in the process. We wanted ICEedge to be a revolution within audio quality, power range, flexibility, protection, diagnostics, integration level, ease of design and cost. By no means an easy target, as many of the design goals are inherently contradictory. This required that in every aspect the design choices, solutions and technologies had to be developed optimally with no short cuts. The result is ICEedge – the future audio technology platform for ICEpower amplifiers and literally Class D like never before.

The ICEedge chipset consists of a dual channel Controller IC and two Driver IC’s. It is the only chipset in the market enabling amplifiers that range in power from 50 up to 7000 watt into 4 Ohms. ICEedge is our finest achievement yet in terms of audio performance and functionality, and likely the world’s most advanced Class D chipset.

Our case family are Italian made all aluminium with 10mm face plates. In the SE we use superb Japanese cases with superb fit and finish. These off the shelf cases are then custom machined in house and enable us to offer our amps at exceptionally competitive prices.

All relevant protection and diagnostic features are integrated into ICEedge for easy and fast amplifier development and component reduction. The chipset contains new circuits carrying multiple patented inventions.

Here at Nord Acoustics we offer class leading Hypex and ICE Power amplifiers. We offer similar products to Acoustic Imagery with there Atsah 500. Acoustic Imagery sell through dealers in the UK Hi Fi Hanger and Tweek Geek in the USA. Other competitors in Europe include ATM Acoustic Technology MFG in Spain. We sell direct with very low costs passing the benefits on to customers.

Recently we have seen a new entrant into the market Gorilla Amps based in Hong Kong.

Now we all offer similar Hypex based amps. We believe our combination of low prices and our unique buffer board and the huge amout of positive feedback on on products sets us apart.Acoustic Imagery only use the Hypex buffer board in there Atsah 500 amp. We use this in our standard amplifier.

ATM Acoustic Technology MFG use Hypex regulators on there discrete buffer and we have found the Sparkos regulator to offer superior performance.

Bel Canto offer the NC500 in there REF600M with an IC based buffer for around £5K.

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We cherry pick state of the art designs from around the world and integrate them into our products. Operating with low overheads and sell direct we are able to combine expensive sonically superior components and sell at aggressive prices. 

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